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Lisa O’Keeffe


Lisa is the digital marketing extraordinaire you wish you found 5 years ago. Whether it be refining your value proposition, or knee deep in the trenches writing a great email, she brings a wealth of experience that she has spent over 20 years refining.

Starting with one of the big boys, she cut her teeth as advertising manager at Bunnings, back in 90’s when business still advertised the traditional way. Quickly becoming obsessed with SME’s, she then pursued her entrepreneurial spirit and set up her own successful marketing agency in Perth, which flourished in driving performance of clients and their business growth, especially in the retail and B2C space.

Seeing a world of opportunity across the Nullarbor, Lisa continues to drive value time and time again for clients with an amazing level of detail, great marketing nous and the ability to project manage like a mofo.

Lisa excels in evaluating needs of a business and devising new and innovative marketing strategies that work. She has a unique ability to comprehend the best of what a business does and translate that into engaging messaging and value propositions… marketing material that captures the imagination of a target audience and drives customers and sales.

Be warned though – she will whip you into shape if you don’t do what you said you’d do and by the date you said you’d get it done!

Outside of her passion for work, Lisa’s other main role is being the taxi for her 3 kids busy social and sporting lives… and is also a frustrated amateur golfer who doesn’t play enough to get her handicap down.

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