The 6 Points of the Content Marketing Compass

The Definitive Guide to Creating Killer Content

We’ve mapped out the path to building great content that your target audience will love! We’ve taken our 100+ years combined experience and condensed everything you need to know into this one essential guide:

  • 6 keys required to craft amazing content that drive revenue growth
  • The top 3 reasons why most companies produce mediocre content
  • How to manufacture a content creating machine for your business
  • The traditional marketing principles at the centre of any successful content strategy
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Ben Hirons

Grow with Due North

Hi, I’m Ben Hirons. In the 20 years I’ve been running my own businesses, I’ve employed (and sacked) around 15 sales and marketing agencies and consultants because they could never deliver on their promise. I knew I could do better. So I decided to form my own digital marketing business, Due North.

Due North has a unique offering. When you work with us, you deal directly with our digital marketing superstars. Our team provides broad digital marketing expertise across a range of disciplines, and are capable of both providing strategic advice and executing the plan. It’s a model we’re really proud of and produces some amazing results.

Due North have been great for our business. They are the experts when it comes to putting us on the customer journey and helping us develop and refine our message in an extremely competitive market.

– Geoff Stewart, SuretyIT

We’re confident that our model can get you the sales results that you want. It allows you to start with just a service or two but then expand your marketing needs to a whole range of services (or become your entire team) as your business grows and evolves.


Tripled leads in 18 months.

Engagement : Sept ’17 – Current

“I’ve been working with Ben, Lisa and the team at Due North since 2017 and they’ve been awesome. If you’re looking for an honest and reliable no BS team, then I wouldn’t hesitate getting in touch with Ben and the team.”

Adam Di Florio | Owner

Due North

So what does a great content system look like?

Great content is worth its weight in gold. Download our free ebook and, in 6 chapters, you’ll have the ultimate content resource to get your digital marketing results pumping. It’s free, easy to follow and a great read!


It's not just about generating content for the sake of generating content. It's about creating great and relevant content that adds value for your target audience!


There are some really big challenges that all businesses face, and creating content is not an easy, quick or simple proposition. You need to be prepared for the challenges.


The first step is what we call foundational content. This means making sure you’ve got a really good website that’s describing all the foundational things that you do.


This is the content that drives the long-term growth of more organic visitors finding your business, meaning you can convert more leads and increase sales.


They Ask, You Answer. This is all the subsequent information, and this is really what brings you to the fore, in terms of making you the expert in your field.


This chapter could be a whole eBook in itself... So we won’t delve into too much detail. We’ll just give you a high-level synopsis of it.

Due North

Get your free ebook:

Trust us, it’s filled with rock solid content!

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Due North
Due North
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