Your Mission: Continually produce excellent content that your target audience finds interesting and engaging

Content is the gift that keeps on giving. Once you created 1 piece of great content you will continue to reap rewards to years to come. Not only does google love it and reward you with visitors and leads for ever, it’s a lynch pin in how you build long and lasting relationships with you potential customers and client (e.g. you can use it throughout your sales process).
Content Strategy

1. Content Strategy

As with everything you do, we need clear reasoning on why are we producing it, what content are producing, for who and where in the buyer journey does it sit:
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Content Production System

2. Content Production System

Building a simple, effective and efficient production system is paramount to ensure that the business owners spend 5 minutes, and you can produce a great piece of content
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SEO Content

4. SEO Content

People are searching every day for information about you, your products and services. We need great content on each and every possible topic that is related
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5. Authority

You have spent 10,15, 20+ years mastering your craft. Whether you like it or not, you are an authority in what you do, now it's time to share!
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They Ask you Answer

6. They Ask you Answer

Your leads continually ask you questions. Write every question down and produce a piece of content on it to answer there questions (great for supporting your sales process too!)
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Content is worth its weight in gold

Content may take time to craft, but great content is worth its weight in gold once completed. Content continually adds value to your business from day one, from day six, day 12 and day 1,000. It continually adds, and adds and adds. When people search Google with a question that your blog answers, it will come up, even if it’s dated from back in 2005, 2010,
or 2016. So, it really is an asset that can add tremendous value to your business, literally forever.

“We’re only talking about great content here. Average content just doesn’t cut the mustard!”

It builds the trust with your target audience

Great content demonstrates how good and knowledgeable you are. It shows that you really care about your target audience and that you’re continually improving and growing your business. Most importantly, it adds value to your customers. Ultimately, what great content does is it builds the required credibility and customer trust in your brand, so they choose you over your competitors.

It’s the fuel for long-term business success

Today, great content is the central plank of all successful marketing. It’s what fuels the success of your business long-term, both in terms of marketing and your business as a whole (more about this later).

It’s the pivotal plank in your marketing arsenal

Without great content, marketing just doesn’t work in this day and age. Businesses that don’t jump onto the content marketing bandwagon, or gravy train, or money train, whatever you want to call it, aren’t going to survive long in this technology driven, highly competitive environment. It’s the pivotal plank that brings your whole business together and it’s what your target audiences are desperate to find.

It supports all areas of your business

Content isn’t just about marketing. Content is how you demonstrate how good your whole business is – how good your operations are, how good your deliverables are, how good your products and services are. It’s all underpinned by great content and you need to communicate that throughout the marketing journey.

It’s great for sales

The content you produce becomes an amazing sales tool that every single person in your organisation should be using. When a lead or prospect asks a certain question, you go, “Well, here’s a blog article we wrote about it”, or “Here’s an eBook we put together that will answer your question”. It’s amazing how well it can support the sales process, which significantly increases your conversion rates, driving long-term sales.

It’s your encyclopedia

As stated earlier, your content is your business’s encyclopedia. Throughout your website, your content should be laid out to bear: what you’re good at, what you do well, where your thoughts are, where the industry is heading, what you do, how you do it, your processes, and your systems. All this should be documented throughout your website. So, content becomes an encyclopedia to your business for you, your customers, your stakeholders, and your potential customers.

Share everything

It’s our opinion that you should be sharing everything*. We threw a little asterisk in there around some really significant intellectual property, but barring that, you should be sharing everything. This is about the greater good. You build trust for your target audience by sharing and adding value to them, not by hiding things you do. So ultimately, you should be sharing everything in your business, the good and the challenging. This builds empathy and shows the humanity behind your business.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Chances are, you’ve got a heap of content already, produced in different formats such as manuals, user guides, etc. This means, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Use what you have to the best of your ability. And then you can start creating new things in new formats once your current content/resources have been exhausted.



You can repurpose the one bit of content on numerous occasions. So you can do a video on a topic, which then can be turned into a blog article, which can be turned into a chapter in an eBook, which can then turn into a guest post somewhere else. There are all different ways and means you can repurpose
content, which is a great way to communicate to different people. And more importantly you are leveraging the content over and over again.

It’s a long-term investment that will pay off

This is not a get-rich-quick proposition. This is a long-term investment that will continue to deliver value, value and more value for your business. And you’re going to need to see it as an important priority for your business, because that’s what’s required to create great content.

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