Great SEO - The asset that keeps on giving!

SEO Really is the asset that keeps on giving. Day after day, week after week, month after month it brings potential customers to your website that are interested in your products and services. The reality though is this process is not easy, quick or cheap. It’s an investment in building you into the leading authority in your space. Let’s explore the 6 core components.
SEO Content

4. SEO Content

You have spent decades and 10,000+ hrs in honing your craft (not to mention your team), it’s time that you share that with the world
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It’s a competition

6. It’s a competition

Make no mistake about it, SEO is a competition and Google is the judge. He is judging you versus your competitors so its time to win
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The Best Practices for Internal Linking

7. The Best Practices for Internal Linking

By creating a well-structured and optimised internal linking structure, you can improve user experience, increase engagement, and enhance your website’s search engine rankings.
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What is Google’s objective/aim/purpose as a search engine?

Google’s aim is ultimately to categorise the world’s information. When somebody types something into the search box it’s Google’s job to show what it feels is the most accurate, relevant, authoritative, trustworthy, and important piece of information first and so on down the list.

So it’s Google’s job to...

Filter through everything that’s available online (and Google’s trying to do offline too) and to say this piece of information is the most important to the person who is sitting in front of their computer. This bit of information is second most importance, this is third and this is fourth and so on down the list.

Therefore, what we need to do is transform your business into an authoritative, trustworthy, important, relevant website. One that is much more so than your competitors.

That is the aim of the game

And there’s no short cutting that process. There’s no just paying an outsource provider $2K per month to do their “SEO thing”. That doesn’t work in this day and age. You can get some results, but ultimately it becomes a real partnership of how you get the right digital marketing team together to take the action required to build you into that authoritative, trustworthy figure that Google loves. Ultimately that’s what your target audience loves too. People buy from people they trust and like.

Google is constantly assessing who is the best business

Who has got the most trustworthy information that the target audience is searching for? Who’s got most accurate and relevant information, that you should trust and believe? That is what we need to build your business’ digital asset into.

You need to think of Google as your ideal potential customer.

That’s it – nothing more, nothing less. It’s our job (yours and mine) to impress the socks of your ideal potential customers. With a better website than your competitors, better content, better social engagement, better email campaigns, better blog and education articles, just better all round.

It’s all about impressing socks off

Impress your potential customer’s socks off with each and every possible touchpoint you have with them:

Ultimately, that’s what Google’s going to measure you on and he’s getting better and better and better at it.

That’s the secret sauce

You just need to be better than your competitors and Google will follow. That old quote:

“Build it and they will come”

Is so true of Google. That’s our mandate: pretend Google is your ideal customer! Let’s build the digital assets that he would like to see.

Google wants to understand

Who’s the best business, who’s got the most trustworthy information that the target audience is searching for? Who continually shows up and adds value to their customers, the public at large, their industry, their niche?

So that’s what we are going to build

Digital assets that add lots of value to your target audience, that impresses their socks of every time. That’s what Google’s going to measure you on and he’s getting better and better and better at it.

You can’t control Google, so don’t even try

Trying to control Google is a complete waste of time, it’s time to focus on what you can control. We want to do the right things, be found in the right spots and provide the right information. That will ultimately impress the right people and Google will follow suit over time.

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