Engineering Great Search Engine Marketing for Sunshine Coast Based Businesses


Get superior results from your search engine marketing and a team that keeps you informed

Plan your journey

You don’t want to go down the wrong path with your marketing campaign. The right agency will help you establish tracking, measurement and analytics across Google Ads campaigns so that they can highlight what’s working as well as where opportunities lie for improvement

Navigate the path

As a search engine marketing company, we’ll help you do more of what’s working, fix what’s not and identify opportunities you are missing. We will optimise what you have and make key improvements to ensure sustainable growth. We’ll also  adjust the course along the way, so you can see month-on-month progress.

Scale your Everest

As an experienced digital marketing company, we know it’s the small actions that bring big rewards. Using the cumulative effect of continual improvement to your search marketing campaigns and management, you will see significant growth in performance over time. 

And we're bloody good at it!


25% growth year on year for 4 years


Engagement : Sept ’16 – Current


Growth in leads


Growth in sales


Growth in visitors

5 Essential steps to discovering the gold in your search engine marketing campaigns.


Search Strategy

The first step in search engine success is having the right search strategy in place.

Build & Launch

Next we build an attention grabbing campaign, flick the switch on and launch.


To ensure we get your campaign driving revenue  we get things moving as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Site Engagement Optimisations

Using our proprietary process that includes three phases and nine optimisation tasks we generate great search marketing results.

Long Term

We work alongside you to scale up or down quickly and easily depending on your business needs at the time.

As the Sunshine Coast's leading search marketing engineers we build valuable digital assets that consistently perform

Own Search (Ads & SEO)

We help you use SEO and Google Ads powerfully to ensure your customers find you before your competitors.

Lead Capture & Nurture

While a stream of leads is great, we also build digital assets that add real value to potential customers to build strong relationships of trust.

Compelling Website

First impressions count! That’s why we help create a great website that impresses, engages and converts the first time, every time. 

Why Due North?


At Due North, our brand promise is simple; we drive growth in visitors, leads and sales to increase your revenue by at least 25% annually to double it every three years. 

Our top team of marketing engineers bring over 15 years of experience in search optimisation, advertising, marketing strategy, branding, and content marketing, with the added business nous and real-world perspective that comes from having run their own companies.

20+ years in running businesses

100+ years of combined digital marketing expertise

Built our own B2B sales channel that generated 22,000 new small business clients for the Commonwealth Bank

9 highly experienced marketing engineers

Developed a digital marketing system that doubles your revenue


Doubled sales in 6 months, tripled revenue in 4 years.

Engagement : SEP ’15 – JUL ’21

“Our business has used Due North, for over 4 years, as our digital marketing agency and CRM/sales support and it’s been fantastic. Forget a large agency, get personalised service and clear plain English about how to improve your digital marketing and sales methodology.”

Peter Thomas | Head of Sales & Marketing

Due North

Looking for a taste of what working with Due North is like....

Engineering Great Digital Marketing
That Stands the Test of Time.

Search Engine Marketing Engineers for Sunshine Coast Business Growth.

An effective digital marketing system

We all have a story to tell and our experience as entrepreneurs is what sets us apart from the competition. We’ve built two internet marketing companies over 17 years, gaining valuable skills in product development along the way that have helped shape both businesses into profitable multi-million dollar organisations on the Sunshine Coast. Now, we want to help you. 

Your senior crew to guide the journey

As the Sunshine Coast’s premier internet marketing company, When you work with us, you work directly with our marketing superstar who have had a minimum of 15 years experience in marketing. People who bring digital marketing expertise across a range of disciplines, and are capable of providing strategic advice and executing the plan. Now it’s time for you to see the remarkable results it generates.

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Doubled retail sales!

Engagement : OCT ’14 – Current

“Due North has boosted our traffic and doubled our through-the-door customers in only 6 months of work! I am a very busy small business owner and have very little time in my day and they have managed to take control and push business through the door. Highly recommend! And Ben (the marketing genius) always buys the coffee!”

Ben Perry | Owner

Due North

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Due North
Due North

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