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Building Valuable Digital Marketing Assets

When we talk about digital marketing, we are referring to the digital marketing tools we use to grow your business and increase your revenue. Our focus is to help you find more of your ideal customer (and help them find you), build stronger relationships and encourage greater conversions. 

We do this by using a combination of search marketing (SEO & SEM/PPC), website user experience, content marketing and social media to tailor a strategy for your business that guarantees you better results in the short-term, and the ability to scale in the long-term through optimisations and continual refinements.

If you’re looking to grow your business through successful digital marketing strategies, we can help! Due North is a Brisbane-based Digital Marketing Agency offering Digital Marketing Services, and our experienced team is ready to help!

Digital Marketing Services That Deliver

‘The Required Gear’ for growing your business.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most effective methods of gaining leads.

PPC Services

  • Google Ads
  • Optimisations
  • Management
  • SEM
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Increase your web presence and organic traffic to your website.

SEO Services

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Content
  • Website UX
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First impressions count! We can’t say it enough.

Web Services

  • Web Design & Development
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Content
  • SEO
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Content is pivotal in driving awareness of your brand.

Content Services

  • Content Strategy
  • Value Proposition
  • Keyword Research
  • Promotion
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Grow your business and increase revenue.

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re exploring what digital marketing opportunities you should be considering for your business. And just like you, your customers will explore their options before making a decision to purchase. 

Your customers will visit your website at least once (probably more) and they’ll also check out any combination of the following: visit your social media pages, read online reviews and research your competitors and compare prices. 

When you consider that most consumers need at least 7 touch points in total before making a purchase, it becomes easier to understand the importance of having an impressive digital presence, no matter what type of business you have. 

Businesses can no longer rely on traditional marketing methods to communicate with their customers – they need to go where their customers are, when their customers want it and in the way their customers want to receive it.

So, want to grow your business?

If you have a website but it attracts low numbers of visitors, doesn’t convert well and all you see when you search for it in Google is your competitors, we should talk!

We work with businesses to ensure all aspects of their digital marketing is performing to its full potential, to maximise output and minimise leakage. We believe there is no point investing thousands of dollars in Google Ads if your website has a high bounce rate or your website user experience doesn’t convert.

A few questions to consider:

Google Ads

Transform your business with more leads and better ROI. Expert Google Ads management is one of the quickest ways to start attracting quality, high intent traffic to your website.


Build a strong online presence, trust and credibility with Google and your target audience. SEO is the way in which you increase the volume of organic traffic to your website (that is, traffic that you don’t have to pay for).


It’s Time To Have A Great Website! What makes a good website is not just it’s looks. When done correctly, it can also be an amazing marketing asset that drives revenue growth for your business day in, day out.


Great content marketing is vital! Today, content is the lifeblood of all worthwhile digital marketing. It is pivotal to driving awareness of your brand, engaging with the right target audiences and converting people into paying customers.


Social Media Marketing – You either love it or hate it (or love it AND hate it!), but what if we told you social media could help your business tap into new audiences, build brand awareness, help with lead generation and customer retention?

Digital Marketing FAQs

Digital marketing is marketing your business online - in the digital world! Everyone loves a business that is fun and trustworthy. In the online world, your business needs to resonate with prospective customers by providing clear value - both tangible and intangible. This is achieved by having a great & memorable website, sharing great content, being on social media, and using other tools such as Google Ads and email marketing. When your online assets are informative, fun and easy to use, you're killing it with digital marketing!

Do your customers use the internet? If so, then your company needs a digital marketing strategy! Having no digital marketing strategy is like having no roster ensuring the cash register in your shop is always tended to - you'll lose business and reputation real fast! Digital marketing builds your business' exposure online, whether it's so people can search and buy from you online or so people can find your business when they run into a problem that you solve!

COVID-19 has presented big challenges to all of us! Some businesses have experienced a sudden increase in demand and need robust digital systems to cope, whilst others have suddenly realised that their business must pivot to include a digital presence. Improving marketing during these difficult times involves ensuring your strategy is aligned with the times, and that it's as efficient and effective as possible. See this article to see if your digital marketing strategy makes the cut when compared to best practice.

We believe all businesses should be doing great marketing. We have a long-term partnership approach and a senior team who produce quality work - we love what we do and our passion is the difference between good and great results! If you believe in long term partnerships and that your business provides real quality and value to your customers, then perhaps we're the digital marketing partner for you. We are local too, so we know the Australian market and its nuances best!

It depends, much like the answer to 'how much does a car cost?'. We look at your desired outcomes (off road or raceway), your budget (a 1 man show or a family of ten) and how much competition is in your field (planning to race a Ferrari or Combi van). But to give you a ballpark idea, we are growing many businesses with a digital marketing budget of $1k to over $10k a month!

Just like traditional marketing, digital marketing involves both long term and short-term initiatives, the latter of which generally has an easy way to measure ROI. We use tools like phone tracking and website analytics to measure ROI, using metrics appropriate to your business.

We believe the first step to successful digital marketing is to truly understand your customer and their needs, putting them first. Your website and other channels then need to stand out from the crowd and really address the needs of your customers, connecting with them emotionally in a simple and clear way. Now that these are established, consistency is key - keep doing what you're doing and keep on learning and improving!

You need to implement all the generic strategies to attract customers to your website (SEO and PPC) and once there, you need to blow your customers' socks off with an awesome website and level of service. Ensure your products are visually presented and address how they fulfill customer needs. Be interactive by using multimedia such as videos, and of course, social media channels. The user experience and journey needs to be simple and obvious, interact with the customer by having wish lists, sales and reviews and ensure the check-out process has multiple shipping options and as few steps as possible before making the transaction.

SEO works to get your site ranking higher organically for the long-term, but it takes consistency. Google Ads, however, allows you to choose what terms to show up for, but once you stop paying, you disappear! So, the answer depends on your business and business objectives! Generally, both Google Ads and SEO work in a complementary manner, increasing awareness in general and appearing prominently at the right time for customers to make the purchase.

Absolutely! We even have informative posts on establishing your fundamentals and where to start with digital marketing. However, a successful business owner does what they do best and delegates the rest to others that have shown competence in that field! It's easy for marketing to fall by the wayside when things get busy and that's why we recommend you have dedicated resources to the task of digital marketing. If you feel that a partnership with a quality focused digital marketing agency will benefit your business, we're just a phone call away!

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of blog posts, videos, social media posts and other online content aimed at generating interest, brand awareness and adding value to your visitors. Online content is often informative or entertaining in an effort to gain more recognition & credibility, ultimately leading more people towards your brand, products and services.

SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation' and involves improving (optimising) your website with the aim of having it ranking high on search engines. Millions of people use Google and other search engines to look for products and services each hour - it's only natural businesses want to show up as an option! When SEO is done correctly, your website will have more people visiting who are looking for what you have to offer!

PPC stands for 'Pay-Per-Click' whereby your website shows up as an ad (often in search engines like Google), and if people click through to your website, you pay the agreed fee. Google and Facebook are the most popular providers of PPC advertising models.

If you had to choose between placing an ad on a billboard on a back road in the desert or on a billboard on a highway in the city, which would you choose? Clearly, you would choose the city because there's more people there! Millions (in fact, billions) of people use social media - many on a daily basis. If your business has no presence on social media, you're missing out! Social media helps increase awareness of your brand, drives people to your products and services and is a good platform to interact with your customers and gain reputation and loyalty.

“Starting from scratch, we built a national chain of 26 retail stores under the G-Star brand. What an adventure it was employing over 250 staff at our peak.”
Nick Hirons

“I love working with Due North. They are a no nonsense, ‘get it done’, company. If you want to grow your business, I’d choose Due North.”

Mark Pearce

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