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Paid search is one of the quickest ways to start attracting quality, high intent traffic to your website.

Google has become the default advertising medium today with over 4 billion searches per day. So if you’re not maximising the search opportunities this presents, your competitors will be.

We have run Google Ads campaigns for over 10 years, so we know a thing or two about what it takes to create a Google Ads campaign that hums. We are a Google Ads Agency in Melbourne who knows what it takes to catapult your business with more revenue and rapid growth.

We think about Google Ads as a default advertising mechanism. It’s all about owning as much real estate in Google search results as possible – both paid and organic listings.  When it comes to Google Ads, understanding exactly what your target audience is searching for is going to help ensure that your business appears in one of the top 4 paid positions (even if your website isn’t ranking for those terms as yet).  The bottom line is your competitors are there, so you need to be there too.

The Journey

We’ve never found a business who we can’t grow through Google Ads! 
With over 17 years of experience successfully growing our own businesses, we’ve narrowed down the formula for business success. It’s all about:



We’ll help plan your journey so you’re on the right track to deliver the right results for your business.


We’ll navigate the path with the right tracking, measurement, analysis and strategy.


We’ll optimise and improve results, generate more profit for lower costs, and bring you rapid growth and business success.

Google Ads is one of the best marketing assets your business can have. It can drive qualified leads to your business and drive sales, literally overnight.


Every business is different and will need strategies to achieve different outcomes. In order to define the appropriate strategy for your business, we will assess and analyse available information with the aim of addressing the following questions:


The right information with which to make decisions

Having the right reporting framework in place for your Google Ads is vital to see what is working well and what isn’t, so we can do more of the good and fix or stop the bad. Your BI Framework from Google Ads should include:


Short term growth

Everybody says they optimise their Google Ads campaign, but that’s like saying everybody communicates. And we all know there are good communicators, poor communicators and average communicators. The right Google Ads agency will develop with you a strict and effective optimisation process that will see a real growth in results.

Google Ads FAQs

People all over the world, including Melbourne, use Google. Thus, Google Ads allows you reach local customers searching for what you offer, in that very moment! It is a live auction, with advertisers bidding on keywords relevant to their business. Whether your ad is shown depends on a few factors: Mainly the relevance of your service or product to the search query, and, of course, your bid. You only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it to go to your website. You control what locations around Melbourne and Victoria your ads are shown. We track conversions (sales, calls and leads) so you can see what's working well. We also continually optimise your campaigns, giving you better returns for your investment or ad spend.

The cost of Google Ads in Melbourne ranges, but what you spend is completely within your control. At Due North, we control your keyword bids and monthly spend to keep within your budget and, unlike traditional media, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. We also supply you with easy to understand reports about the performance of your Google Ads, so you can make informed decisions about how much to spend.

We have been managing Google Ads campaigns for Melbourne businesses for over 10 years now. In that time, we have built up a wealth of experience about how to best set up and optimise Google Ads campaigns that works toward the best use of your budget. About half of our Due North team are born and bred Melbourne (we haven't quite moved North yet, but some of us are keen whenever winter comes around) and we know Melbourne's market and dynamics intimately. We also keep a very close eye on campaign performance and have a tightly controlled optimisation process, aimed at giving you the highest exposure possible where it counts, within your budget. We don't work for a commission by charging you according to your adspend, so you can be sure that we're doing our best to ensure your business is not spending more than it needs to and is headed in the right direction!

In short, you can expect more awareness, enquiries and sales for your products or services as your business is placed in front of people searching for such. The beauty of Google Ads is its transparency. We track the effectiveness of your Google Ads through conversion tracking. We track sales, lead forms, calls and even if someone clicked to get directions to your Melbourne based business. We keep you updated with weekly and monthly performance reports with results of your campaigns so you can see what is generating revenue for your business.

You sure can - in fact, we even have a guide on how to do so, but a word of caution - almost anyone can drive, but not everyone can win Bathurst! Firstly, business owners are often so busy, it's best to focus on what you do best - your business! Secondly, managing a Google Ads campaign takes a lot of knowledge, familiarity and experience to achieve the best results. Google's tools are very powerful, but very dangerous if you look at the wrong metrics. Google Ads campaigns must be monitored closely and optimised regularly to ensure you're not just losing traction and burning through cash! It is very easy to lose money fast through Google Ads if you do not know what you're doing! Whilst we're happy for you to give Google Ads a shot, we are obligated to gently remind you that there's a reason the driver drives and the team manager manages when it comes to a winning team.

Unlike SEO, which is a lengthier process, Google Ads can allow your business to appear at the top of the rankings for relevant searches in as little as a day or two after launch. In saying this, there can be a period of a couple of weeks for a new campaign to 'ramp up' and start seeing results so it's important to be patient! Due North closely monitors new Google Ads accounts performance in the early stages to identify any issues and promptly optimise accordingly.

By doing it right and being consistent! It is very easy to blow a lot of money on Google Ads if you don't know what you're doing. Running an effective campaign requires strategy, research, and analysis of the data to find ways to improve. We focus on delivering high quality traffic to your website (i.e., people who are actually searching for what you offer). We do this through meticulous keyword research and bidding; stringent targeting; high quality ad copy; and feedback about your website's user experience to ensure the best efficiency for your spend.

This can depend on the industry; however, we have many B2B clients for whom Google Ads is critical for their success. Business owners and decision makers still use Google and with Google Ads, you can get in front of them when they're searching for what you offer.

Google Ads is pay per click (PPC) advertising and SEO stands for search engine optimisation. There are two key differences when considering SEO or PPC advertising. The first is that paid ads often appear at the very top of the page, above the organic listings influenced by SEO. The second is that (what we call) 'organic' traffic from SEO is free, whereas traffic from PPC has a cost for each click. In many cases, SEO and PPC work best when integrated together and strategically aligned to your overall digital marketing strategy. We offer both of these services at Due North.

Google Ads can deliver high quality traffic to your website; however, you need a website that delivers a good user experience in order to close the sale, achieving the best results for your spend. For example, a slow website that is not optimised for mobile and has a complicated structure can frustrate a visitor and cause them to leave your website. At Due North we provide analyses of your website, including user experience and we can implement changes to increase the success of your Google Ads campaigns.

This can be attributed to a number of factors. It could be because your site doesn't yet make the cut regarding quality in Google's eyes, or perhaps your budget for the day is already spent - there's many possible reasons. When we manage your Google Ads, we keep a close eye on campaign performance and any change in performance is investigated, diagnosed and communicated to you promptly, so you can feel at ease.


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Growth in leads


Growth in sales


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