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That all businesses, of all shapes and sizes should be doing great marketing. One thing the past ten years has taught us (and more so in recent times), is that rapid change is inevitable, and great marketing is now mandatory for businesses to survive and prosper.

We Believe

70% of people have already chosen who they will buy from before they even talk to a company

This is a staggering statistic, that 70% of the decision-making process is complete even before they pick up the phone or fill out an online form. People are researching, they’re seeing all the options, they’re watching ‘how to’ videos, they’re looking at review sites, they’re reaching out on Facebook for recommendations. This is why your marketing is now so important! That 70% of people is who we are going to convince how good you are.

Marketing is your business’ most important asset

Ask any corporate advisor or business broker and they will tell you the value of your business (should you decide to sell it) is based on two core criteria:

  • Ability to generate revenue (AKA marketing)
  • How you can fulfil that promise (product/service/operations etc)

You need to see, treat and invest in your Marketing asset as it is the most important in your business.

Marketing defines your culture

Marketing done well inspires all your staff, it is the overarching promise of value and change that your business is going to make to the world. It defines how you measure success and the yard stick for performance of the whole business. It is the face of your recruitment and the catalyst to attract amazing talent.

Marketing does not mean big budgets

We continually see amazing examples of great marketing done on shoe string budgets. In fact, we often see better marketing done with less money. People get more creative, more specific with who they are communicating what message to.

Marketing drives excellence

It clearly defines what you want to be great at, and provides a clear roadmap of how to achieve it. It says to the world “I’m going to be excellent at my craft…” now my operations need to fulfil that excellence.

Marketing defines all customer engagement

Your value proposition defines how you will engage with customers at each and every touchpoint. It dictates how you answer the phone, what products you should develop (and which ones you shouldn’t). It also drives your customer service and your operations by ensuring all is in alignment, especially around quality.

All businesses should be doing Great Marketing!

Now more than ever, is the time to do great marketing! It’s time to rise up from the ashes of the coronavirus, let’s rediscover each of our tribes and inspire them with the change in the world we wish to see.

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