Google Ads – Building a money making machine

Google Ads really has become the default advertising mechanism for successful businesses today. It can be a tap of flowing money when done right, or a world of pain (and money leaving your bank account) if done wrong. If you’re not maximising Google Ads, your competitors are most certainly stealing your future customers.
Google Ads

Google Ads has the ability to be a money-making machine for most businesses

Imagine a tap of flowing money that every day of every week of every month puts more money into your bank account. Over 80% of campaigns don’t perform well because they have the wrong optimisation and management process. This means that most Google Ads
campaigns doesn’t produce the return on spend and results that you want. It’s time for that to change!

“We’ve spent $2 million of our own money on our own Google Ads Campaigns.”

We’ve spent this on our own Google Ads campaigns. That’s right, we’ve been running our own businesses for over 20 years. That’s 5 businesses in different industries and a hell of a lot of Google Ads.

We know how to produce amazing results for your business

Whatever your business, industry or niche, nearly every business should be using Google Ads. Whether you are selling $2 widgets or $250,000 manufacturing equipment, your potential customers are searching for your products and services. Ultimately, it’s become the default advertising mechanism for most industries, and if you’re not on there, your competitors are!

The reasons behind the power of Google Ads and why you need to be running them for your business

Every single person is searching for information

Whether they’re a consumer looking for a new washing machine, a business looking for a bit of software to fulfil their manual processing needs, or even a tradesman looking for large earth moving equipment to complete a job, everybody now searches online. Usually it’s their first step to find a solution to their problem or challenge. Google is the default mechanism for answering people’s questions and providing solutions to their problems, challenges or opportunities. Which is why nearly all businesses need to be using Google Ads.

Google has become the encyclopedia for all information

When people search, they’ll pick the top three to six search results as answers or solutions for what they’re looking for (and attracted to). That’s why the top three or four positions in a Google search is so important to be in. It gives you a chance to grab people’s attention before or alongside your competitors. It’s most important that if you want to be found online, you’re using this as a channel to market for your target audience to find you.

You need to think of Google as your ideal potential customer.

That’s it – nothing more, nothing less. Its our job (yours and mine) to impress the socks of your ideal potential customers. With a better website than your competitors, better content, better social engagement, better email campaigns, better blog and education articles, just better all round.

It’s virtual real estate

Similar to growing up playing Monopoly, my uncle taught me to buy as much property as you can. The search results are ultimately the same proposition. It’s how you can acquire the most virtual real estate on that first page. That’s why having those prime positions in the top three are so powerful in reaching your target audience and obviously in allowing you to communicate clear value to that person.

It’s become the default advertising mechanism

It’s no longer newspapers or radio or television or anything like that – Google search has become the default advertising mechanism for all businesses. Ultimately, it is where you will need to be found because so many people are using it, and it is such an effective mechanism.

Your competitors are there

When I search for something, I look at the first result and then the second result and then the third result to see which is going to suit my needs or which one grabs my interest. Your competitors are being found in those results. So, if you want to compete with them, you need to be found there.

Make no mistake, this is a competition

The only way you can win online (and in Google Ads) is if you can compete with your competitors with your products and services (sounds obvious, but equally a major floor in most people’s approach to Google Ads). You don’t want to focus on ALL your products and services, you only want to focus on the products and services that you can compete on in that initial engagement with the customer. What products have good profitability? What do you do really well? What can you do better than your competitors? That’s exactly what we want to go after.

When done wrong, you'll blow a lot of money

If you don’t build and manage a Google Ads campaign the right way, you will blow a lot of money. I think a lot of companies have experienced this over time. They’ve either tried to do it themselves or they used people that are crap, and they haven’t been able to make it work. It’s costing them a lot of money and they haven’t made back what they’ve spent let alone profit out of it.

When done right, it’s a licence to print money

When you build a really tight and smart campaign to start with, implement the right optimisation process, then grow and scale up based around the right metrics and return on spend, it’s an amazing channel to market that drives a lot of revenue, a lot of profit, and hence is a license to print money.


An amazing marketing asset

An asset is something that continually puts money in your pocket week on week, month on month, year-on-year, and that’s exactly what Google Ads does when you do it well. It will continually bring the right target audience, will communicate the right messages to the right people so that they can convert them into leads and revenue for your business. The goal is to build a variable cost model to acquire customers

The goal is to build a Google Ads model that can generate a variable cost model to acquire customers.

We want to get to the stage where I spend $10 on Google Ads, I make $100 in revenue. Therefore, I can spend $100 and make $1,000 in revenue. Therefore, I can spend $1,000 and make $10,000 in revenue, if that makes sense. It becomes a great way to build a variable cost model that you can scale up and down on a dime based on where your business is at. For example, if this month you’re too busy, you don’t need customers, you pull it back. Next month, you’re not so busy and you want more customers, so you dial it up.

It’s an amazing testing ground

The beauty of Google Ads is you can have an ad live within an hour or two that tests the new messages, that tests a new product, that tests a new offering, comes through to a new landing page with new messaging. You can do that really quickly, so it allows you to test and trial all sorts of different things really quickly. Whether that be a new product, new messages, new targets, whatever it may be, it becomes an amazing testing ground for everything you do.

But you do need a great website

No different from anything else you do in your business’ world; mediocrity will be your undoing. If you bring people through to an average website that doesn’t communicate good messaging, that doesn’t add real value, that isn’t better than your competitors, it’s not going to work. This is all about bringing the right visitors, which Google Ads is all about, to the right website, which is
what is needed to convert and engage those visitors into leads and revenue for your business.

Ultimately, it needs to be better than your competitors. It needs to communicate better messages. It needs to show them more information. It needs to help them more. It needs to show that you are better than your competitors.

You need a super strong marketing strategy

You can’t do Google Ads well without having a really good search strategy. You can’t have a really good search strategy without having a really strong marketing strategy. That all comes down to getting crystal clear on your value proposition, your target audience and the journey you want to take them on.


Google Ads is one of the best marketing assets your business can have. It can drive qualified leads to your business and drive sales, literally overnight.

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