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This is all the topical and trending information that really brings you to the fore in terms of being an expert in your field.


They Ask You Answer.

1. Answer Every Question

Every Question Should be Written Down

Every question a lead asks, your customers ask, or the general public asks, you should be writing it down to then write a blog article or piece of content that answers that question. This is because that’s exactly what people will be typing into the google search box.

Some of these will include: What is this? How does this work? or Where can I go for this? These are fundamental questions that people ask Google every day. You need to answer these questions so that Google shows your response to those questions in the top position of the search results.

So, write down every single question and produce a bit of content around it. And as mentioned, this really supports the sales process as well.

2. Topical

What are the topical things that are happening in your industry at the moment that you need to write about?

Like everyone, you’ve just had coronavirus and there have been great articles that came out from all different industries on how to address it. We had a plumber client produce a great article around what not to flush down the toilet when there was a toilet paper shortage, this went viral on Facebook, it was awesome.

3. Trending

There are those things that are really topical and trending, and it becomes important to grab hold of them. This is because once again, it shows you’re on the ball. It shows you’re an expert in your field. It shows that you’re part of the community trying to address it.

4. Use Tools

There’s a heap of tools out there to help you address those trends and topics, and we’ll list them here for you so that they provide some great guidance on how to do it and what to do:

It’s time to do great content marketing!

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