How to get more customers

Business owners come to us day after day saying, “we would like more customers”, and “how do we get more customers?” and usually are not entirely sure what they need to do to achieve this.

The answer is that you have to build a great marketing system! And ensuring that every day of every week of every month and year the marketing system is bringing more and more business to your door.

How do you build a great marketing system?

  • You’ve got to have the right marketing strategy and one that is better than your competitors.
  • Next, Analytics. Analytics is all about how you manage what you measure. The more you are measuring the right metrics, the better you can manage to path to acquiring more customers.
  • You need superb execution. That’s down to having a great marketing team with people that are skilled, experienced and bring trust.
  • Optimisation and analysis. Every week, and every month we are analysing all of the data to tell us what is working and what is not working, so we can continue to execute better and better.
  • What is the right management framework you need in place to run a great marketing system? This is your meeting rhythm, your resources and core talent that heads up or oversees the business. How you are analysing the information, to get better and better, to execute better and better, to track better and then do it again.

Regularly review your strategy and do it all again. These steps will build a great marketing system that gets you more and more clients.

What is the advantage of using us and our employees over employing your own?

Most important thing is experience and skills. We’ve already got everything you need.

As Brisbane’s leading Digital Marketing Agency, we’ve done it before and built our own businesses over the past 16 years and everyone in the team has 20 plus years’ experience. If you are trying to recruit that, it is going to take you 3, 4, 5 years and it is going to cost a hell of a lot of money and you are going to stuff it up.

You are not going to hire the right person first time. It’s going to be the second, third or fourth time that you are going to get it right. So, if you want to wait a couple of years, go for it. I’m getting old! I’m not young anymore. I want to get it done in three months, not three years.

Good people are worth their weight in gold. For an investment of three, six, twelve months to build a great marketing system that is going to deliver you year on year growth, that’s a cheap investment.

This is an asset- arguably your business’s most important asset. This is what someone is going to use to determine the value off your business. Your ability to continue to generate profitable revenue is the yardstick.

This is your single biggest asset as a business, and that’s what you need to invest in it and get it right.

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