Technical SEO

Having a technically sound website is vital (aka 'Onsite SEO').


You need to have a technically sound, strong and effective website that Google can find.

You could have the best designed website in the world, but if it’s not technically sound, it’s never going to work well for your target audience and for Google.

The technical requirements for Onsite SEO.

Google has to be able to crawl it

And find all the information on the site. This includes all the sitemaps and robot files, title tags and meta descriptions.

Content needs to be optimised

We need to have good headings and descriptions for all the main content you want your target audience and Google to find.

It has to load quickly

If it loads slow, Google’s going to penalise you just as your target audience will.

Navigate easily

We need to be able to intuitively find our way around the site and link through to all relevant information as you mention things throughout.

Optimised for mobile

With more than 50% of traffic now on mobile devices, you need to have a well optimised site for all types of devices (and once again google rewards you for this).

You see how all this is logical right?

There are no smoke and mirrors in this game (contrary to what a lot of SEO agencies try to suggest). If it takes 10 seconds for a page to load, your target audience is going to leave, and so is Google. It has to be developed for all types of devices – If I come to your website and it looks crap on a mobile, I’m not going to think very highly of your business, neither is Google. When you think of the logicality of this, it all makes sense – you build it for your target audience and Google will follow suit. So, now with so much web traffic being mobile, Google’s gone with a mobile first policy – he’s actually going to rank your pages based on its mobile design and layout first and then desktop.

Technical requirements are very important

Technical requirements of a great website are really important and unfortunately they do cost some money. So, you need to invest in building a technically sound website that has the right headings and the right titles and so on.

It’s time to do great digital marketing!

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