Web Presence

Be seen more online
(aka Back-linking)


It’s must be real, it must be legitimate and it must be relevant.

Web presence, web branding, back-linking, citation building… It has numerous names, but ultimately it’s how your business is found more and more throughout the Internet. However we want your business to be found on good quality websites, not crappy irrelevant ones. 

Relevancy – a website where we would want your business to be found, or associated with. It’s really important to stop paying a lot to SEO companies who just do backlinks. That’s just absolute garbage. Some websites you don’t want your business associated with, so don’t do it. This is all about how we build you a really good web presence and web brand that grows and adds value to your business (and google follows suit).

Due North

Step 1: Back-link Analysis

The first task is to get a good idea of what your current back-link profile is like. Is it good and healthy coming from positive sites or is there some links coming from spammy sites? We want to be crystal clear on your position today. We want to pull a list of all the domains that link through to your domain. We use Google Search Console to do this.

Back-link building

It Starts with Strong Foundations

What are the foundational web sites you should be on? That’s all the main business directories and citation sources. EG: True Local, Yelp, Yellow Pages (yep, it’s still there). Ultimately, there’s 20 or 30 or 40 that we want to get your business listed on because it’s the right thing to do. You should be found on those sort of websites.

Maps, Maps and More Maps

Then there’s all the Google My Business maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps. So, what are all the map engines that you need to be on? Including Google My Business being the prime one. But yes, Apple Maps is just as important, and Bing maps, and so on. There are also a lot of secondary search engines. So how do we make sure you’re found on all of them?

Your Industry

Next, it’s time to get more specific about the industry you are in. What are all the industry associations and industry directories that we can get you on? How do you get active within your industry?

One thing, and this is all really good business practice, is to get active in your industry because you’ll learn from them and see what they’re up to. It’s really important for you to do that. The benefit being better and better SEO results.

Your Community & Sponsorship

Then there’s your local community and sponsorships. How are you actively contributing to your community? What’s the local football team that you’re sponsoring and how do we make sure you get on their website with a link through to yours? How do we then promote that on your social channels? How do you create a webpage saying you’re sponsoring the local scout group or whatever it may be?

Win Some Awards

The above are all really important things to be doing. It’s great for your business, it’s great for PR and Google loves it. And we want to see if you can win some awards. So once again, like with all the really important things we do in life, there has to be some awards that you can win. Potential customers love seeing awards you have won by your peers and the wider business community. And so does google, he will reward you like there is no tomorrow with outstanding SEO results. It’s great for morale internally. It makes you look good. People trust it, it’s great for the website, and it’s really good for SEO purposes. 

It’s Time to Get Social

In line with content generated above, it’s time to engage socially with your target audience. And it’s time to make them your biggest fans, your promotion army as they share your ideas, education and information with others because they love it so much.

It’s time to do great digital marketing!

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