The 3 questions that stopped me dead in my tracks

June earlier this year, I was lucky enough to attend a seminar that’s really stuck with me. (Thanks EO Brisbane and Jon Burgess)

Jon’s presentation went for a few hours and covered an amazing ray of topics, that ultimately go through and determine how ‘connected’ you and your team are and how this determines where you are today and will have the most impact on how successful you will be. Not so much the volume of connections, but how effective and strong your connections are => How powerful? (there is a lot more to it, but you get the gist).

The ‘Freeze’ Moment!

So Jon proceeded to go through the ins and outs of it all and there were three questions he asked that absolutely smacked me in the face and stopped me dead in my tracts. After all this time in life, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t considered these questions before.

The D’oh Moment, The Captain Bloody Obvious Moment

You know when you start beating yourself up because it’s that obvious and simple that you should have learnt it 20 years ago – this was one of mine (and I tend to be having a lot of them at the moment!!!!).

It’s At The Very Heart Of Great Marketing

And do you know what? These three questions are at the very heart of marketing, but they’re not taught in any classroom. They are the very things that must underpin everything your business does with sales and customer service. They will ultimately determine your success or failure.

Drum Roll, Please…

So, funnily enough, this is all about connections. How many you have and how strong those connections are. This and this alone will determine;

  1. Who and how many people are thinking about my business right now? How do I get more people thinking about my business more often?
  2. What are these people saying about me/my business? What do I want them to be saying about me/my business?
  3. What value are you bringing to these people and how often: To your clients, your staff, your stakeholders, to leads and prospects?

That’s It!

They are such powerful questions that very few of us have answered. And once we do, they provide an amazing blueprint that will drive the growth of every business! They will have more and more people talking about you and sending business your way

And They Are Super Interconnected…

They are all interdependent on each other. Can’t work on one without the other, and the last one is the most important of them all.

1. What Value Are You Bringing To These People And How Often: To Your Clients, Your Staff, Your Stakeholders, To Leads And Prospects?

The most important component of marketing: How do you continually add more and more value to everybody you come in contact with. How are you making there lives better with each touchpoint you have. This is what drives marketing, and ultimately the success of your business.

2. Who And How Many People Are Thinking About My Business Right Now? How Do I Get More People Thinking About My Business More Often?

Marketing is all about getting more and more people to think of your business, brand, value and offer more often. We want to do this by providing more and more value as outlined in the 3rd point above.

3. What Are These People Saying About Me/My Business? What Do I Want Them To Be Saying About Me/My Business?

You need to nail your pitch so that people are referring to you accurately, they inspire to be part of it and they spread the word on your behalf. Advocacy is the best type of marketing there is.

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