Analytics Integration

Bring all the main data together to allow for easy generation of reports.


Pulling it All Together

To ensure you generate reports effectively and efficiently, you want to bring all the main data together to allow for easy generation of reports and dashboards. So, this means creating a centralised area of data that gives you the reports you want with the press of a button.

Marketing Channels

Each marketing channel is going to have it’s own reporting feature, so you need to pull all this data from each of the below channels into a centralised area:


You need to export conversion rates, sales figures and revenue out of your CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) and/or POS (Point of Sale) as this is what closes the loop on marketing and sales and is important. A question to answer: ‘how are we pulling data out of our sales system?’, or, ‘are we pushing marketing data into our sales system?’

Dynamic Inbound Phone Tracking

A little nugget of gold

Whilst this bit of technology is not all that new, we’re still dumbfounded as to why so few businesses have implemented it into their marketing and sales. In its simplest form, you can now track and report on every inbound phone call your business receives and learn which marketing channel generated the enquiry. For example, you can see that Google Ads generated 42 inbound phone enquiries into the business over the last month, whereas Social Media only generated 2.

And best of all:

The Benefits: Complete Lead Tracking & Reporting for Marketing ROI.

Quite simply, this gives you the ability to see every single lead that comes into the business, thus providing you with complete ROI reporting.

It also integrates with CRMs easily, so you can see the complete revenue generated by each marketing source.

See exactly how many phone leads are coming into your business, e.g. what marketing campaigns are generating what leads, right down to detailed levels. For example, you can see that a specific keyword in Google Ads generated 62 enquiries, but another keyword generated 0 phone enquiries. Last month’s email campaign generated no enquiries, the one before generated 20 enquiries.

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