Does my business need to be on Facebook?

So, who has heard this before?

You you’ve got to get onto facebook!


You need to be on Instagram


Twitter is the place to be

Or whatever the next buzz phase is…

Every single business owner is being told you must get on facebook. You know what?

It’s baloney absolute baloney!

Should you be on there eventually? Maybe. And not so much Facebook, but which of the social channels.

Do you need to be on there tomorrow? No.

Next week? No.

Three months time? Probably not…

This is all about focus – how are we focusing your resources (Money, staff etc) you have today to give you maximum return tomorrow so you can reinvest profits into better marketing next week.

You focus on what is going to give you biggest bang for your buck.

Social…. there are so many people doing social…. so many businesses… so few are doing it well.
You just see it everywhere. People are putting crap up on facebook, for the sake of putting it up.

To do social well

It’s a really big investment in time, money, energy and effort and it’s worth doing, providing you can actually invest that time, energy and effort.

But you also need the right social strategy. So why are you actually going to post something?
Coming back to your target audience. You must know clearly who your target audience is. You must clearly define the value you are going to bring to them, which is really your value proposition.

Then there is obviously your business, who you are, what you do and how you operate. Your brand. This is the intersection that you have to run social on. Every single point has got to fit into that. It’s got to be about your target audience and the value you can deliver. It’s not about you. No one gives a shit about you!

It’s them. How you engage with them, how you create for them, how you give them things, and that’s what people miss. That’s why it’s so few are doing it well. The ones that do it well are smack bang in the middle there. Those that aren’t, are on the fringes doing stuff that is completely irrelevant.

That’s what drives outcome and dollars for your business long term because you are engaging the right way with clients. You are providing them real value

So, until you have got your target audiences (yes more than one), your value proposition and who you are clear, you can’t do social well. It’s also a significant investment in time, energy and effort. It’s worth it when you are ready for it.

But until you are ready for it, we can only suggest don’t do it.


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