How do I rank higher in Google?

The ever-elusive challenge or want of most businesses is to rank higher or perform better on Google.

How do I rank higher on google?

The ever-elusive challenge or want of most businesses is to rank higher or perform better on Google.

And nine times out of ten, people just want to short cut the system. They want to pay somebody $2K a month, to do some crazy stuff, that you have no idea what they are doing, to get results.

Ultimately, 99% of the time, poor SEO results is a sign that is effectively telling you that Google doesn’t like you. It doesn’t rate you highly, it doesn’t think your information is all that good.

Which, being frank with you, predominantly comes down to you having poor digital assets. Websites mediocre, content is next to non-existent (or worse, you’ve just copied somebody else’s), you’re not ‘social’, general web presence is poor.

And when you take a step back to analyse why this is the case, it will come back to the fact that you’ve got a poor marketing strategy that is being executed poorly.

And this will be based on you not having the right team in place that is building the right search marketing system.

So, SEO is all about getting the right things done for your business so that your target audience and customers love you, your peers/competitors look up to you, and guess what happens then: Mr/Miss Google will like you as well.

It’s not about trying to trick the system. It’s about having a great team with the right marketing system that executes really well. That has the right marketing strategy, that builds the right digital assets that Google loves.

What about companies that offer template websites such as Squarespace. How do I know that the backlinks etc. are done correctly. Do they work?

Do they work? Do they not? A lot of it has to do with resources. If that’s all you can afford, it’s all you can afford. It also means you are not going to perform well from a search perspective, or SEO perspective because you have not invested in it. Google knows you have not invested in it.

If you are trying to compete with someone who has 10 years experience, a hundred million dollars in turnover, Google will see them as more important.

By spending $500 on a Squarespace website, Google is never going to see you as important, so don’t try and compete. You have to find your niche to compete in, but if you are in that middle ground, and continually trying to improve, you need to invest in it. You need to invest in your website, you need to invest in your digital assets, you need to invest in your marketing team (internal and external people) and you need to invest in building a great search marketing system.

Being blunt with you. If you’re not spending $10K to $50K to $100K on your website, you’re crazy! It’s one of the most important assets you own!

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