Management Framework

Underpin your marketing with a framework that guarantees success.


The Right Management Framework Ensures Long Term Growth.

As a client working with any consultant, agency or advisor, you probably want a clear insight into the management framework they adhere to in the process of managing the work they are undertaking for you.

What’s their process for communicating how they’re tracking? How do they stay on top of the tasks which have been completed and what’s outstanding? How do they assess how the tasks being performed are contributing to the overall business objectives and targets?

Below are the activities that need to be performed to successfully manage and report on the marketing projects you undertake. This management framework is designed to provide maximum transparency and visibility around every aspect of marketing – primarily the tasks performed and planned and the results achieved.

Central to every part of your business, including marketing, is having the right management framework in place that ensures long term success. Setting and forgetting anything is not a good concept.

Install a process

The right process

Ultimately this comes down to setting the right process and meeting cadence that ticks all the boxes:

Marketing Managers

Every business needs a marketing manager! They are responsible for creating, overseeing and driving your marketing projects. Equipped with a broad range of skills and years of experience, marketing managers are capable of both creating the strategic direction and executing the plan. They work closely with speciality teams/staff to deliver on all aspects of the plan. They will work closely with you to monitor, review and adjust the course where necessary.

If you’re a small business, you can find a marketing manager that may do one day a week (freelancer, consultant etc). There are many creative ways you can resource this at a fraction of the cost of full-time staff. But, you do need one if you’re keen to grow your business over time.

Meeting Rhythm & Cadence

It’s important to make your meeting rhythm part of your business DNA. It’s mandatory and vital to do every single day, week, month etc. You won’t get it right from day one, and you’ll need to try different things, different agendas, have virtual meetings sometimes, offsite/retreats other times. But they are vital to driving growth.

Daily Pow Wow

It’s important to have a quick check-in with the team to make sure everything is proceeding as planned, to help overcome any hurdles and identify problems before they snowball:

Weekly WIP

Every week, you need to review last weeks results and work and plan out next weeks based on your priorities. It needs to identify/highlight any red flags or issues. It’s also a great opportunity for you to provide input, ask questions and influence efforts on specific tasks.


Analyse, dissect, discuss, brainstorm and re-plan! One of the more important meeting points, the monthly meeting, gives everybody a good chance to stop, review, plan and get cracking with the next month’s work.

  • What’s working well and how do we do more of it?
  • What’s not working so well and how do we get it performing?
  • What’s f*** and let’s stop doing it because it can’t be fixed?
  • A review of work completed last month.
  • What was completed?
  • What’s delayed/roadblocked?
  • What didn’t even get started?
  • Review of the quarterly plan and mapping out what next month needs
    look like.
  • Who is doing what & when?
  • What are our expected results?
  • Brainstorm and be creative on things we can be doing better, faster etc.


Time to get strategic. This is where the long-term focus becomes integral to ensure we are staying on track. This also requires a bit of time set aside to cover off everything you need to.

Quarterly Meeting


Ultimately annually is the same as quarterly, but just on steroids. You want to take it to the next level on all fronts properly analysing the last 12 months and planning out the next 12 months. And most importantly, the analysis and plan is aligned/strategised to the bigger picture of the whole business/organisation and the amazing opportunities that your business faces moving forward.

It’s the 70 – 20 – 10 Rule with your annual management

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