Search Marketing

Your first & foremost priority is to own search.


Own The Real Estate That Is 'Google'

Every day hundreds and thousands of potential customers are searching for your products and services, and you need them to find you over your competitors.

When they search, they find you:

Having more of your target audience find out about you is what ‘owning search’ is all about. But there is a lot more to owning search than just doing SEO or Google Ads. Owning search requires your whole marketing system to be working a treat:

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy needs to be spot on the mark so the right people find out about your business through search. If you are having 10,000 visitors per month to your website, but those 10,000 people aren’t your target audience, it’s pointless.


You need to know exactly what is and isn’t working in search, which keywords are generating enquiries, and which keywords are a waste of money.

You Need A Great Website

You’re never going to perform well with a poor or mediocre website. Conversion rates go up with a better site, and more leads are generated. Google likes you more if visitors convert, and so will bring more visitors to your site, which means leads/sales skyrocket.

You Need Great Content

Content that engages your target audience, content that makes your readers want to share with their family and friends. Content that online media pick up and run on their site because it is so good. This also fuels SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), as it grows organic visitors.

You Need To Run A Great Business

You need to win awards (Mr Google loves them, so does your target audience). You need to be socially responsible and support the causes that you are passionate about (Mr Google loves them too, so does your target audience). You need to sponsor and engage with your local community (and you guessed it; Mr Google and your target audience love that too!)

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