A Humble ‘Thank You’ Email That Produces Big Rewards

Talk about Cool Sh^t! – Here is an excellent example of a post purchase ‘thank you’ email from US adventure gear brand Huckberry, which they executed like pros. We’ve summed up below why we think this email hits all the marks. There’s something here that everyone can take and implement into their businesses today to help inspire their clients.

Why it’s so good: It makes you want to buy from them again!

Catchy Subject Headline

Seriously, Thank You… It’s good. It’s really good. It hints at the sincere appreciative nature and tone of the email and makes you want to open it.

Thank You

By using the word ‘Thank you’ in the subject line, it has an above average chance of higher engagement from recipients.


Not only is it addressed directly to the customer, the email is directly from the two co-founders and written in first person, which gives the email an authentic touch, representative of their brand.


It’s just like Andy and Rick have picked up the phone and started talking to us and gives the email a genuine touch that is hard to replicate in big brands.


The short snippet at the top gets straight to the point. But it doesn’t stop there. They have created a rich, engaging and emotional story that takes the reader on a journey from the two co-founders’ start up days to successful business, and in doing so makes you feel truly appreciated for being a customer.


The boys use humour to tell their journey which reveals more about the brand personality and what experience they are aiming to create for their customers. We love their honesty about how the name Huckberry came about and this is one example of how a small touch of humour goes a long way!


It’s not your usual thank you letter for all the reasons above. The trick is bringing your businesses’ story to life and sharing it in a way that’s unique to your business.

Finally, it makes us want to buy from them again

Yes, this is the ultimate aim of any email marketing (thank you email or otherwise). We are now emotionally invested in Huckberry and we want to continue to be a part of Andy and Rick’s journey.

So where should you start?

Probably the easiest and simplest place to start is by introducing a ‘thank you’ email once a customer makes a purchase. This is a highly effective way of connecting with your customers in a meaningful way as it allows you to express:

  • genuine appreciation for their business (makes your customers feel valued),
  • a bit about you and your story (engages on a personal level),
  • a bit of brand personality (reinforces the attraction to your business in the first place).

Most customers will expect a receipt or an order confirmation of some sort, but they won’t necessarily expect a personalised thank you message. This presents a great opportunity to surprise and delight!

As long as your website/POS, email platform and CRM are integrated, you can automatically generate these emails and track the customer engagement and purchase behaviour down the track, assessing repeat business rate from those that opened the thank you letter and those that didn’t.

So, what’s the take away?

If you’re not sending “thank-you” comms then you should! It gets delivered straight to your customer’s inbox, provides links back to your website and social channels, is easily forwarded/shared with other people and allows you to create an emotional connection with your customers that can win them over for life.

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