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3 Reasons Why it’s Time for the Demise of SEO

After years of experience in Digital Marketing, I believe it's time for the demise of SEO. This blog shares my top 3 reasons as to why.
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Is It Time to Kill SEO?

After years of experience, I feel it's time to kill SEO. This blog explores the facts about SEO and what Google is really looking for, hint: it's pretty simple.
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The 4 Irrefutable Laws to Digital Marketing Success

After years of research, experience and learning the hard way. We’ve discovered there are four golden rules that, when followed, produce outstanding digital marketing results.
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4 Secret Herbs and Spices to Marketing Success (that I’ve learnt over 25 years)

Want to know the 4 secrets to Marketing Success for your Business? In this blog I share a few gold nuggets that I have learnt over 25 years of Marketing.
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6 Biggest SEO mistakes and how to avoid them

It is time to share the biggest mistakes that businesses and agencies make with SEO and how you can avoid them to ensure good long term growth in results.
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How to get good reviews

9 out of 10 people now read online reviews for local businesses before making a purchase decision. How to avoid bad reviews and get good reviews instead.
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