3 Reasons Why it’s Time for the Demise of SEO

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this topic over the past 17 years of being in business. And the past 6 months, in particular, have been a real eye opener in the analysis and understanding of what SEO really is and where it fits into the marketing mix. And my latest thought development is that:

"It’s in every business’ best interest that we see the demise of SEO."

So, I wanted to share the top three reasons why it’s in business’s best interests to stop doing SEO.

The Top 3 Reasons to Stop Doing SEO


‘Doing SEO’ is a lazy person’s marketing

When you ‘Do SEO’ the only person you are trying to impress is google. You are trying to make the algorithm see you as more important, more relevant and more authoritative in your chosen field. That’s actually not marketing, that is:

  • Manipulation: What you’re actually trying to do is manipulate the algorithm – nothing more. You’re trying to find the easiest way of performing better in organic search results, without actually earning respect the hard way.
  • Lazy: Truth be told, this is actually a lazy approach to something that is hard, but worthwhile. Outsourcing or ‘Doing SEO’ is not about communicating the right messages to the right target audience – that’s what marketing is.

Good marketing is hard work!
Good marketing takes a lot of time and investment, a lot of smarts, and a lot of trial and error. It is about building a great asset that drives long term revenue growth. And that’s what Google wants to see – it wants to see you marketing your business well, not trying to short cut its algorithm.

Good marketing is what Google rewards with better organic search rankings.


When Marketing is done well, there are no SEO tasks to do!

The simple fact of the matter is that every single SEO task I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot), only needs to be done because other people haven’t completed their job well enough (and that’s for a whole myriad of reasons). Ultimately SEO tasks are done to clean other people’s mess, mistakes and laziness up. For example:


It’s just not ‘Googlieness’

I love that show, “the interns”, such a funny show. But the interesting take away is the idea of “Googlieness” – meaning in the spirit of Google. Doing SEO is definitely not in the spirit of google (and the company has come out and said so!)

Google exists to – Index, categorise and rank information. When somebody types something into the Google search box, Google tries to show the most authoritative, expert and relevant website first and so on down the list.

When do you SEO – You are not demonstrating any of these characteristics. You are not showing how you are an expert in your field, you are not answering valuable questions that your target audience are looking for, you are not being a thought leader in your space.

You are not showing any ‘Googleiness’
So, the simple solution is – let’s build your Googleiness. Let’s communicate the expert that you are with great marketing. Let’s turn you into the thought leader that your peers revere. Let’s answer every conservable question your target audience are searching for.

So, Just Do Great Marketing…

And Google will reward you accordingly. Do SEO and peril at your own laziness!

Want to see how Due North can help you with Great Marketing?

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