4 Must-Know Strategies to Accurately Measure Google Ads Outcomes

It’s time to track the outcomes!

You spent $5K on Google Ads last month, but how much revenue did this generate for your business? It’s a simple question, right?! But the hard truth is, most businesses can’t answer it definitively.

Technology now allows you to measure the precise outcomes your business generates from Google Ads. All you need to do is establish the right tracking and you will have at your fingertips information about which specific keywords, ads and ad groups are generating the most leads and revenue for your business. Bingo! Now we’re talking!

Why are we so excited?

Well, only because this information is the one and only key ingredient to any good Google Ads optimisation process!

How does it work?

By allowing you to narrow down your optimisation process so that you know if each and every keyword is performing.

So, how do you get started?

Get the right tracking in place!

4 Steps to Accurately Track, Measure and Optimise Revenue Generated By Google Ads

1. Track All Leads

Many businesses don’t realise that you can now track every single lead/enquiry into your business with dynamic phone tracking, which allows you to identify and measure calls from your website that are generated from a variety of sources including Google Ads.

2. Track All Revenue

If you sell products and/or services online, you’ll want to ensure that you also have the right e-commerce tracking set up in Google Analytics. It will allow you to track revenue by keyword so that you can determine where to be investing more of your Google Ads budget.

3. Grow A Valuable Database

Track, grow and nurture your database to increase the lifetime value of your customers. It’s one of the most valuable assets a business can have as it drives long term revenue and maximises existing relationships.

4. Integrate Your Systems

In order to allow data to pass seamlessly between your marketing and assets, integrate the following with your CRM system:

– Google Ads and Google Analytics
– Inbound phone tracking
– Core website data (eg leads and keywords)

Every single sale within your business will now have an accurate lead source so you can evaluate which components of your marketing are working, right down to your specific keywords in Google Ads.

Start Reporting

So, there you have it. All the know-how to obtain an accurate picture of exactly what revenue you made from your last Google Ads campaign! Now that you have the right tracking in place, and all your systems integrated and talking to each other, you can start running weekly high-level and monthly detailed reports to understand which components of your Google Ads are working, and which keywords are generating what outcomes for your business. It will also allow you to see what’s not working so you can either fix it or stop it.

One Final Word

We can’t tell you how good inbound phone tracking is. In our humble opinion, it’s now mandatory for your website to have dynamic phone tracking so you can track exactly how many phone calls you get and from which marketing campaign i.e. you can now tell EXACTLY which keywords in Google Ads are generating enquiries for your business, and which ones aren’t.

And the best part – it’s probably less expensive than what you are currently paying!

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