CD Baby Email – A little example of awesomeness!

A little example of awesomeness!

It’s true that good marketing is timeless! This is clearly from the 90s, but recently I came across this easy, practical, simple, yet an extraordinary bit of marketing that anybody can implement into their business tomorrow.


This is truly an awesome “thank you for purchasing” email that you can’t help but like.

Why we love it?

  • It’s cheeky and fun; it shows the human side of a business
  • It oozes a great culture, one you want to work with
  • You want to share it – it went viral a long time ago
  • It connects you emotionally to that business and product
  • It makes you want to buy again from them

Your mission

Write your own version of “Thank you for being a customer” email that ticks all of these boxes. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple and easy it is.

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