Marketing Analytics 101: Where to start and what to track

Marketing analytics is the process of measuring and analysing your marketing performance to improve efficiency and maximise your marketing budget. Think about it for a moment, you can’t make sound financial decisions without accurate financial reporting. Similarly, you can’t make good marketing decisions without analytics.

But despite this, if you ask business owners about their marketing analytics, most will give you a blank look – maybe you are one of them?

As Ben Hirons, Due North’s Director recently told Kochie’s Business Builders, “When you have access to the right information through analytics, you can make informed decisions based on how well each component of your marketing is working. This means you can do more of what is working well (and look to make it better), optimise what is borderline, and get rid of what isn’t, so you stop wasting your time and hard-earned money and start investing it wisely.”

To help you know where to start and what to track in your analytics you can read the full article here.

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