The marketing silver bullet that will hit the target every time

There really is a silver bullet. 

And what’s really interesting is so few marketing people actually talk about it. Maybe it’s the eggshells that nobody wants to step on, the elephant in the room that nobody wants to address, or the skeleton in the closet that we’d prefer to stay there. But I’m going to be upfront with you:

Your marketing message is crap!

Because if it wasn’t, you’d be wiping your arse with hundred dollar bills. You wouldn’t have a need to read about marketing and how to do it better. You’d have more customers than you can handle and your profit margins would be through the roof. So, if that is the case, stop reading about how to do better marketing, otherwise read on. 

Marketing amplifies a message

At its core, all marketing is doing is amplifying a message. It’s taking your promise to the world and sharing that with more people. So if you have a boring, complex, or crap message, all your marketing is doing is amplifying a mediocre message – and that will only ever produce mediocre results.

Simplest, easiest and quickest way to get a buzzillion % growth

You need to craft a more compelling message! One that resonates with your target audience more. One that engages and moves that individual to take action. One that differentiates you from your competitors, and is more attractive than your competitors.

The results? Nothing short of astonishing

  • Smartpay grew from $15mil to $250mil over 6 years
  • Jaybro grew from $10mil to $100mil over 5 years

Fish rotting from the head

That old saying about sh^t rolling down hill is just as applicable in your marketing. You can have the most talented marketing team, but if they are marketing a crap message, you’re never going to get the results you want. Similarly, no amount of strategy can fix a boring message – it’s just never going to work. 

The results:

  • 10-20% growth within 3-6 months
  • 10x increase over 3-6 years

And it is a competition

Business is a competition, and your marketing message is no different. It must be more engaging than your competitors, it must pique more of interest, it must tell a better story, and it must be different. So, it can’t be crafted in isolation. 

So when you finally realise…

The reason you aren’t hitting your growth targets of profit is that your marketing message is crap…

It’s time to do something about it…

Book a time to begin the process of crafting a message that will make all your wildest dreams of business success come true. We are the preeminent Digital Marketing Agency here in Brisbane, servicing clients Australia-wide.

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