5 Tips to Easily Create Great Marketing Content

Great content may take some time to craft, but it powers todays marketing and sales. Content continually adds value to your business from day one and never stops. When people search google with a question that your blog answers, it will come up, even if it’s dating back to 2005.

Content marketing is usually the first thing to be bumped if you’re busy, but that must stop. It must be seen as an important priority for your business, and therefore we are using this blog to share our top 5 tips so you can easily create great content.

Top 5 Tips to Easily Create Great Marketing Content


  1. Share Everything – It’s our opinion that you should be sharing everything, nothing is too secret, no special sauce to special. This is about the greater good, you build trust for your target audience by sharing and adding value to them, not by hiding the things you do and the way you do them.

    By sharing everything in your business, from the good to the challenging to the ugly, you build empathy and show the humanity behind your business. Most importantly you build trust.

  2. Create content in all levels of detail – Everybody wants different levels of detail in the content they consume, so you need to produce content for everybody. This means, for example, you will have:
    1. A high-level summary page
    2. This then dives down into more detail on the next page
    3. This then dives down into more detail


  3. Create content in different formats – Everyone consumes content differently, some people love videos, some people love blogs or eBooks, and some people love podcasts. This means you must create content in all formats, so that you are appealing to everybody.
  4. Repurpose – You can repurpose the one bit of content on numerous occasions. So, you can do a video on a topic, which then can be turned into a blog article, which can then be turned into a podcast episode or eBook chapter. There are all different ways and means you can repurpose content, which is a great way to communicate to different people.
  5. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – Chances are, you’ve got a heap of content already, produced in different formats such as manuals, user guides, presentations etc scattered throughout your business. This means, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, use what you have to the best of your ability. And then you can start creating new things in new formats once your current content/resources have been exhausted.

As you can see, content marketing is a long-term investment that will pay off in spades.

This type of investment will continue to deliver value for your business and target audience, whilst fuelling the digital economy.

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