Hell Yes or No!

It’s time to simplify…

If you’re anything like me there is far too much going on in life. It’s too busy, we’re trying to do too many things, and please too many people. It’s time to simplify! And I’ve started using Derek Sivers guiding principle summarised in the video below and its working a treat!

Stop saying yes to everything, and start saying no to more things is the gist of it. If you’re asked to do something, attend a meeting, a favour, if you’re not saying “Hell yes, that sounds great”, “Hell yes that’s going to help me a lot”, “Hell yes, I’d love to meet that person”, its probably time to say No.

And it’s not “no, I’m being rude”, it’s a “no, not right now, I have things that are more important to me to get done first”. Try it for a few weeks and see how it goes!

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