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Why I Think We Should Keep It Simple!

Why I Think We Should Keep It Simple! Plus A Little Bit Of Awesomeness Just for You.
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The Single Most Important Aspect to “Describe your Ideal Customer”

Describing your ideal customer isn't a new concept, however, my latest epiphany enables anyone to easily decide who to work with & who not to. Find out now.
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Would your customers call you remarkable?

How often do we fall into the trap of thinking remarkable needs to be some grand gesture or life-changing experience?
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What an awesome formula

Want to find out what your chances of success are for your business? Use this formula to find out - but you must be honest!
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1% For The Planet

Due North is super proud and excited to announce our membership with 1% For the Planet.
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People buy on emotion, not features!

The single most important component to your marketing success. It's not your service. It's not your team. It's not your product. It's People buy on emotion, not features!
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Great Marketing Comes from Having a Great Marketing System!

The most valuable asset of any business is its ability to generate revenue. Generating revenue is the combination of mastering marketing and sales.
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You’re only as good as your team!

One of the biggest struggles that all businesses face is finding and keeping good people. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “I can’t find the right people”. Unfortunately, I too have learnt that the hard way.
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I want to start a movement!

This is something I’m really passionate about, and when done wrong it irks me to tears. And yet so many businesses (and people) fall into this trap.
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