Great Marketing Comes from Having a Great Marketing System!

The most valuable asset of any business is its ability to generate revenue. Generating revenue is the combination of mastering marketing and sales. Knowing exactly what your customer really wants and needs and delivering on that value better than your competitors.

Over the past 16 years, I have run 5 businesses:

  • A successful Payments business that generated 22,000 customers, employed 40 staff and had an active database of over 120,000 small businesses
  • A party hire chain that ended in dismal failure after 18 months due to a partner falling out
  • A commercial finance business that shared a similar fate
  • A digital marketing company that did well and sold, refining a lot of the knowledge we use today!
  • And now Due North! Where businesses come to grow

Over this time, we’ve dealt, employed, contracted used well over 400 sales and marketing people/professionals (and unfortunately some times scam artists) to help us grow our business. We’ve learnt a lot over this time, quite often the hard way of what it takes to get more customers

So here is the secret to getting more customers!

It’s pretty simple: You need to build a scalable, duplicatable marketing system that provides good, solid, profitable growth for your business. Nothing more nothing less.

100+ years experience for you to tap into today!

As a team, we’ve got over 100 years of marketing experience that has developed our proprietary marketing system based around:

  • Strategy: We do great ‘value for money’ strategy work that continually gets rave reviews
  • Analytics: At the core of all great marketing is the data that tells you what is and isn’t working
  • Execution: It is really important to work with a great team
  • Management: Ensuring we have the right management framework in place to scale
It’s not “We’ll give you 9 billion % explosive growth”

That’s not real and it certainly isn’t sustainable. This is all about how we get that little bit better week on week, how we work smarter not harder, and how we get month on month compound growth.

No short cutting, no chasing the shiny bright objects and latest craze coming out of the US

This is hard. You can’t short cut the process. You have to do it right, build the right foundations and use analysis to drive results. You’ve got to do it RIGHT, or don’t do it at all. It just ends in tears and thousands of dollars down the drain.

But it comes with glorious rewards beyond your wildest dreams!

It’s true! Building the right marketing system is what drives the revenue, profit and value in your business. It continues to produce results in the short and long term. And ensures you, and your business succeed.

It’s time to reach your Everest!

We love working with good people who want to do amazing things. Who want to take there business to the next level and want to work with like minded people who deliver. And we’re keen to help in whatever capacity we can, just ask!

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